Typical energy efficiency measures for our ENERGY STAR® qualified new homes include:

  • insulation upgrades

  • high-performance windows

  • better draft proofing

  • more efficient heating, hot water and air conditioning systems

The benefits to the new homeowner are:

  • lower energy bills

  • improved comfort

  • lower impact on the environment

  • higher resale value

Some of the features that Dick Masse Homes incorporate into an ENERGY STAR® qualified new home include:

Heating and cooling systems – Energy efficient furnaces, thermostats and air conditioners are installed. The furnace annual fuel utilization efficiency rating (AFUE) must comply with rigorous Canadian minimum efficiency requirements. As a result, you use less fuel and save money.

Windows and patio doors – Windows and glass doors comply with Canada's requirements for ENERGY STAR® qualified windows. This feature alone could cut more than 10 percent off your energy costs.

Walls and ceilings – There is more insulation in the ceilings and walls of an ENERGY STAR® qualified home than is required by building codes. This reduces heat loss, puts less strain on your heating and cooling systems and keeps your house more comfortable.

Benefits of Owning a Dick Masse Homes 
ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home

These homes undergo quality assurance audits prior to and during construction process by a third party ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Energy Advisor. These Advisors are recruited trained and certified by a licensed ENERGY STAR® for New Homes service organization. As our Energy Homes are built, an energy advisor verifies that they have been built to ENERGY STAR® for New Homes technical specifications. After the verification process is complete, the energy advisor informs their service organization and the service organization issues an ENERGY STAR® for New Homes label and certificate for the house. The label is placed on the home’s electrical panel.

Lower cost
You will be pleased to see the monthly energy savings in an ENERGY STAR® qualified new home. If you pay a mortgage, these savings often save the homeowner more money each month on utility bills then the added monthly mortgage costs.

Improved air quality = health and comfort.
Air movement in your house in winter, causes drafts that make you feel uncomfortable. With an ENERGY STAR® qualified home you get fewer drafts than conventional homes.

Less energy expended = fewer pollutants. 
Homes account for 17 percent of all energy use in Canada. As ENERGY STAR® qualified homes are more energy-efficient than standard code built houses, they can help reduce air pollution and lessen other environmental problems, such as climate change.